Friday, September 24, 2010

My Inner Most Debate

As the title states, I have been having my inner most gut wrenching debate for a couple of days now. Many know how much I loath posting pictures of myself. My self image lands pretty much somewhere between zero and zilch. I mean weight loss doesn't have to be public knowledge.

But, after a very not-appreciated comment made from unnamed silly man, I feel that if I leave my "horn tooting" to only be heard by him, I will never get what I need. Plus, I have this deep down fear about "public horn tooting". I fear that I will jinx myself and there won't be enough wood in the nearby Wasatch Mountains to knock on to dig myself out. But here it full color .........for all to see.

I've been working my arse off for the last 5 months and have dropped 30 pounds! I am almost half way to my goal and I finally feel like it should be noticed. I have even dabbled in a little jogging and played volleyball for the first time in three years! I am down two pant sizes and can wear a normal XL shirt (not a plus XL). What kind of prize would you give?  Unnamed man got it all wrong.

p.s. I think I am in love with the brunette seeing it side by side with the blond.

p.p.s. Please humor me and knock on some sort of wood after reading this post. My skinny jeans thank you!


Leah and Family said...

I think 30 lbs is a great thing to toot a horn about.....These little kids and my schooling are kicking my butt as far as weight loss goes. I have no motivation for it although I know I should with my family history and all. The only way I'm going to loose weight this time around is if I stick to a strict diet. I'm not good at that. The only way I was able to loose weight after Becca was through excessive excersise. Are you doing Weight Watchers again?

M-Cat said...

Holy SCHMOLY girl!!
I am in awe of you.......great job and keep up the hard work!!

Reward? Do a 5k for some charity. It will be the biggest, most thrilling and rewarding rush you will ever get!!!

superhey said...

TOOT! TOOT! You rock sister! I'm glad you made the lose public. You will be pleasently surprised how nice it feels to be acknowledged for your efforts from family and friends. Plus, know everyone knows what you are up to, now you're accountable to us all! Tee! Hee! Hee! Love you! You're awesome!

superhey said...

Oops! Now everyone knows...not know!

Potter Family said...

HONK away and TOOT your horn. EVERYONE deserves to toot their horn when they lose that much weight. Awesome Carina. Simply, awesome.

Heidi #1 said...

Perhaps my emotions are on the surface today but, I am in tears when I look at you. You should be so proud because you not only did this without a spouse being around, but with only a handfull of people being aware of your efforts. This accomplishment should lift your self-confidence and self-image way above zilch! I love you sis!

Heidi #1 said...

I forgot to mention a prize...maybe a spa trip, or some new clothes. Shopping is fun!

oretta said...

Way to go!! Here is to the next
30lbs. I like the brunette too!!