Thursday, July 30, 2009

King's Peak

A family in the ward organized a hike to King's Peak. For those of you that don't know, King's Peak is the highest peak in Utah. It is an eight mile hike to the base camp which is done the first day. Then the second day is a 7 mile hike to the top and 7 back to camp. Then the same 8 mile hike back to the cars. This is all done with packs filled with all the things you might need to live for three days. The average weight is 40 pounds. They didn't make it to the top because there was still snow on the ground and a few scouts were not fully prepared. But there were memories made and I'm sure many will return to try and finish.

A Story 12 years in the Making

When Janae was a little girl, there was one thing that Andy and I didn't agree on. Oddly enough it was at what age Janae could get her ears pierced. I wanted 8 because that was when I got mine done. Andy insisted on 16! Whatever! We compromised at 12Does she look a little scared?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Doo

Janae has wanted a hair cut for awhile now and I was in need of a change too. So, one Saturday we went to the Cutting Crew Salon and asked Gina to help us out. Janae had brought two pictures of different ideas. She really didn't know which one to choose. I went first to give her some more time to decide. She went with the more dramatic one. I love it and so does she! Gina did a fabulous job.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can Someone Help Me Find My Toof

It was a normal Thursday. Like any other Thursday would be. Andy and I were getting ready for a temple night. Janae asked Andy to look at a loose tooth. He promptly pulled it out. Drew asked him to look at a loose tooth as well. With the help of some pliers, he pulled that one out too. Wow! Two kids with lost teeth. Upon our arrival home from the temple, Zach comes tearing around the corner to tell us he had pulled out his own tooth. Funny ...I didn't know he had a loose tooth. So there ya have it! Three kids-Three lost teeth!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009

Janae's first ever girls camp happened this year. They had a week long camp up at Heber. They stayed in cabins and had a full kitchen. She actually had her birthday on the second day of camp. The girls did special things for her like beads, decorations, and singing every chance they got. She is going to love Young Womens!