Monday, October 19, 2009

Nebo Loop In the Fall

One of those few and far between pictures with me in it!
They nicknamed this "little Bryce Canyon" but what you see is all the red rock there is.

Nebo Mountain

Earlier this year, we took a trip to Nebo Loop. You might remember me blogging that the kids were crying when they saw the snow begging their Dad to turn back. Well, we figured the snow would be gone and decided to try again. Plus, all the leaves would be beautiful this time of year. The kids really enjoyed the colors and picked out their favorite ones. We went to Devils Kitchen which no one had ever seen before. Love those mini road trips and the kids were surprisingly nice to each other!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I am so Stinkin Excited!!

I am so stinkin excited! This weekend I booked a weekend getaway for me and my hubby! We have not gone out just the two of us for an overnighter for almost 7 years. When our anniversary or birthdays come around, there never seems to be any money for celebration. A bit ago, I told Andy that all I wanted for my 33rd Birthday was to go somewhere....anywhere with just him. He decided to take me to the Terri Clark concert in Wendover November 14th. We will stay overnight at the Peppermill. I love spending time with my hubsband and lately it has been little things like a mug run or to the Red Box for a movie. To leave the state (even if it is only 130 miles) is heaven to me! I updated my playlist so I can be ready to sing my heart out and maybe even dance a little. Question is, should I get a cowboy hat to go with my cowboy boots?