Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lake Day in Eden Utah

On Saturday the 23rd, we took a day trip to Eden, Utah. It was Grandma Peterson's 90th Birthday and they were throwing a party for her. We went to the beach before and it was really crowded! There were also a lot of boats out that made the water rough. The kids enjoyed it anyway!

So, there we were playing in the water when Andy turned around and found Gavin digging all around himself.

Andy asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to bury himself in the sand. Andy asked him if he wanted any help. Little did he know what he was in for....

Introducing the Perfect Black Mail Picture of All Time!(yes those are boobies)

First Day of School 2008

It has finally arrived! The lazy days of summer are over! Janae, Drew, and Zach are back in school and I am so happy. (I am doing the dance of joy) Janae started the 6th grade and has her first "boy" teacher. The first things she said about him was that he lets the class have food whenever they want and he let them have a 2 minute nap today. I'm wondering if Janae might get a construded opinion about "boy" teachers. Drew started the 4th grade. He's not much of a story teller. He told me that the friend he thought was going to be in his class isn't and that was about it. Zach started the 1st grade. He told me he had three recesses and got locked out of the school today because he wasn't in the right spot playing and didn't here the teacher when she said it was time to come in. Can I just tell you that I thought that this day would never come. All my kids in school and I have my days to myself. Lately I find myself thinking that I should of had more kids....but after today....I think I am happy right where I am at!

I tip my glass to the public school system...Thank you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We love the Babies!

Drew just loves to hold the newborns

Zach held him long enough to get the picture. He would put the hand sanitizer on and go back for more if he wasn't ready to hold him. He said that he had to wait for his hands to dry!

Future baby sitter!

My sister Stephanie and her husband Ben have successfully produced yet another handsome baby boy! We love the babies and it's all because our family is complete and we will not experience the joy of a new baby. But, we have it better! We can enjoy and then send home. (Kinda like renting movies) Welcome to the family Bennett Ira Harding!

Girls Camp 2008

Our pretty face

Our scared face

Our sleepy face

This year I was called to be the West Jordan 57th Ward Assistant Camp Director/Camp Cook.(Wow what a title!) I guess word got out that I was a decent cook or something. It was a lot of hard work and I enjoyed getting to know the girls and leaders. The funny thing is that these are the only pictures that I have and they weren't anything about the girls! They sure are funny though! This is Erica the Director and one of my good friends. We have the same warped minds (notice the same color shirt planned ahead of time) and thought it funny to take obscure pictures of ourselves riding the chair lift.


This cute little photo is one tradition that my sister Heidi and I have started. Every year since little Adam was born, we have taken this shot of all of them. When Heidi has her new little one, we will be sure to make room!

Monday, August 4, 2008

BEWARE! The Insanity has Spread!!

Water Skiing at Utah Lake

Our family has found a new interest in Grandpa Wilson's boat. We took it out a few times last year but this year it seems like twice a month since summer started. Janae and Drew tried the starter water ski's and got up on them pretty easily. This was Randy's first time wake boarding. I think he really likes it! He didn't have any trouble getting up either. Of course Andy knows how to do everything well whether he has done it in his life or not. Zach is our water baby. All he wants to do on the boat is drop anchor and swim! The pictures that I took are very far away so these were the best up close ones.