Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Hurrah

As many of you know but for the ones that don't, Andy took a new job in Barrow, Alaska. He was offered the job a week ago and we decided that he would take Thursday and Friday off to prepare for the trip and to spend time with the family. We wanted to make some good memories becuase he will not be around this summer to make them with us. After the boys got out of school on Friday, we signed Janae out of school early and headed to American Fork Canyon. It has been many many many years since Andy and I hiked the Timpanogas trail and did the tour. So many that we didnt have kids then. They thought it was an amazing cave tour. We spent time at the Aquarium in Sandy, played games on the Wii, watched movies together, and ate a lot!! I think I wanted to make sure he was well fed since he's gonna have to do it on his own now. It was a very sad departing on Sunday which I dont think will get any easier. I have an amazing husband......I ♥ you!

The heart of Timpinogas cave
Skinny up people!