Monday, April 19, 2010

You've Had a Birthday...

This crazy kid was actually born on Easter 11 years ago and is celebrating it again on Easter. Plus, it was General Conference so we were pulling triple duty this year. We tried to make it special and took him to Golden Corral for dinner on Saturday followed by ice skating at the Kearns Olympic Oval, dyed Easter eggs at 10:00 pm, and finaly crashed at midnight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue and Gold (Last and First)

A big Blue and Gold banquet for the Both family. This is Drew's last and Zach's first. Drew has turned 11 and now is in Scouts. He has done and earned almost everything there is to do in Cubscouts. He has had many great leaders to help him on his way. He is REALLY excited to move on with the older scouts.

Saying the cubscout moto before "crossing over"

Crossing over and being greeted by Bro. Crosby

Saying the Scout moto
Zach finished his Bobcat and had the traditional face painting done. He is liking his den leader and the fun things he gets to do
Way cute placemats! Had to take a picture and maybe use this idea for something else. They had dinner in a pie plate and corn dogs were the main dish!

It's Spring! Lets Shoot Something

The title says it all. It was the first day of Spring and the first real nice day outside. We asked Grandma and Grandpa to take us shooting. We drove out to "no mans land" and did a little target practice. First time for the kids to ever shoot a gun. First time I had ever shot a shotgun. Andy said, "It's a shot gun! You can't miss!" I hit one pigeon. It was a blast! What has Andy done to me....a few years ago I would have said no to a gun. He now owns a shotgun and has taken us shooting. I am posative that this is not the end.