Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things that Make me Feel OLD

I am totally copying from a friends blog.  But, she and I must be on the same brain wave because I have been thinking this exact same thing.  I thought that 2010 was a bit much as way of growning old.  I am now looking down the 2011 yellow brick road and am thinking......holy crap! 

My eldest offspring will turn 14 this year.  With that age brings a ton of OLDNESS.  She moves up a class at church and will be a Mia Maid.  This also gives her the "chance" to go to stake dances.  I say "chance" because she has to convince her daddy-o first.  After this summer she will be going into the 9th grade.  If we didn't live in Utah this would be first year in High School---------> a Freshman if you will.  Can you remember when you started as a Freshman? I can!  She also starts Seminary....sheesh!  Stop already!

The middle child is not much better.  He turns 12.  That makes him a true "Tween" according to his dad.  Next year in school he will start Middle School.  He will also receive the Priesthood.  This gives him the chance to pass sacrament, collect fast offerings, and other special privileges.  He will start going to YM.  He already goes on mutual night so this Might not be so hard......but it also tells me that he will go to summer camp that is a week long!  Having helped a past scoutmaster with summer camp, I know all the "grown-up" things he gets to do.  Again OLD.

The youngest is probably the smallest offender.  He only turned 9 this past month.  I look forward to the double digits in 2012 with this child. He moved up in cub scouts and is now a Bear.  Funny thing about this is that the Bear leader is the same person when Drew was in!  (Thinking that this fact is worse for the leader than me but still....)  He will be in the 4th more baby stuff at school like show and tell and student spot lights.  This also makes it possible for me to have a child in each grade school.  OLD.

All though these things have been milling around my head for a few weeks I do have to say that I love being a mom.  I love the three children that my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with.  They are good kids and each bring a special  spirit into our family.  I guess if they have to grow up (and make me old) I couldn't ask for three better kids than the ones that call me Mom.
(Such a bad picture of me.  That is not what I look like anymore)