Monday, August 31, 2009

Bear Lake 2009 Family Reunion

Managed to put in a family vacation this summer. Had all the Merlin Wilson Family to Bear Lake. Hadn't been there for 3 years! Camped two nights, Made bottle rockets, took the boat, hiked to Bloomington Lake, and did all the other fun camp stuff.

School Days 2009-2010

A new school year and a lot of new things to celebrate! Janae has graduated to the Jr. High and seems to be coming into her own element. A friend of mine commented that she was the most outgoing Beehive she has ever met! Janae talks to anyone and loves to have lots of friends. Drew and Zach went back to the 5th grade and 2nd grade. No more bossy big sister to bug them. They are like two bachalors doing their own thing. Zach thinks his teacher is pretty. Drew has the meanest teacher in the school (that is what everyone told him when they found out who his teacher was) but said that he liked her. That is what I like....a positive thinker!

Thanks to Aunt Stephanie that made the nerves fly away with the biggest ring-o- sugar Janae has ever seen. Made her day!!!