Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Knowledge (or dumb facts) I have learned over 8 weeks

1. Life at some time might throw you a curve ball. If you're lucky it might be a screw-you ball.

2. Fasting works

3. My laundry decreased by 3-4 loads a week when my family numbers decreased by one!

4. The average bar of soap will last an average sized person on average 6 weeks.

5. Sunday ended up being the worst day of the week

6. Cancer sucks!

7. I must be braver than I give myself credit for cuz if I wasn't I would never have gotten outta bed.

8. The commercials claim that Hughes Net is faster then dial up. They are liars!

9. Your food budget can cut itself almost in half when you serve corndogs and Mac and Cheese for dinner.

10. The two weeks home should go as slow as the six weeks's only fair right? But it doesnt.

11. Sending him away for the second time was NOT any easier.

Brunettes are Sexy

Hey that's not my opinion. That comes straight from the horses mouth (horse=Andy) So what do you think? I LOVE IT and it might have to be permanent

Watch out world....I'm 13!!

Yep, that's right! Janae is a teenager. Can't really believe it myself. She loves to be out doors so we went back to Millcreek Canyon for a bon fire and hot dogs. Andy's sister Sheila (her fam) and Grandpa and Grandma Both were is town to help celebrate.
Janae and Jannelle bought matchy outfits. First time in years these two have been together. Friends at first text
The spread is always so yummy!
This cake was amazing again this year. A big thanks to Heidi at Perfectly You Catering and Cakes for the mountain side trail cake.

Love you girlie forever!