Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Months in a Nut Shell Part A

Mind you I didn't specify what kind of nut shell but I will give you the shorter version of my past 2 months.  First the crappy part and then on to better news.

This dates all the way back to Good Friday......that would be the Friday before Easter if you don't have your calendar near by.  Uhhhh yeah.....that is a long time ago.......I know.......I am living it.  I woke up and could not get out of bed.  Darn you stupid back injury!  I thought it had flared up again, called the chiropractor and set up an appt ASAP!  It is my first day off since getting a full time job and I didn't want to spend it in bed!  Well, I did anyway.  I saw him again on Monday with no help.  I called my MD and went to see him.  Long story short..........a week later I had an MRI that showed a herniated disk in my L5 and he was referring me to a back specialist.  10 days later I had my first of 2 injections at the hospital.  Mind you I was working part time on full pain killers this whole time!  Yeah pretty much sucked.

The injection was more painful than I ever imagined!  8 shots into my lower back between my L5 and S1.  I was only sedated.  I remember hearing the nurse tell me she was putting the pain meds in my IV but never did she say my sedative.  It all happened quickly luckily because I remember the whole thing!  I wasn't tired or spinning or anything!  My worst fear had happened.  I was in hysterics as they rolled me to post-op.  I asked the post-op nurse if she could tell me if they even gave me the sedative.  She said yes and that I most likely was not with it enough to remember it being administered.  I can remember everything!  Does that sound like I was sedated?  Not to me.....

The next few days were brutal.  Not only was my back in pain but now I had to also recover from the injections too.  Two weeks later was when I finally felt about 60% better.  I had my second shot on June 18th.  This one was better.  I asked for more sedatives.  I am for sure they went into my body this time!  I was crying by the time I got on the table but when I asked for someone to hold my hand someone did.  The shot will always hurt but this time there was a little more compassion.  Today I would say I am about 80% better.  I see the doctor on July 18th.  I pray for a clean bill of health or there will be a 3rd shot.

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M-Cat said...

Please please please get a clean bill of health! Or maybe I need to read part B....heading there now.