Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Months in a Nut Shell Part B

 And now for the good part. Maybe you have an idea? If you don't follow my blog, you won't and that's ok. I will brag anyway.
I Made My Goal! Amazingly enough it was accomplished while I was flat on my back too! I am now 144 lbs. I am a solid size 6 and a small shirt size. I have lost a total of 97 lbs and 50 inches. My BMI went from a 37 to 22. And baby...........I am H.O.T.! Well, I think so at least! The bummer deal? I did it while in the midst of back problems. I have yet to celebrate or reward. I kept saying it will happen but the first time I felt like I celebrated was when I asked a friend of mine to do our family pictures. He offered to do model shots of just me! He knows how hard I have worked and new I needed that special day to celebrate. (I am also helping him to make his goal weight too!) I plan on going dancing in a few weeks when my back is better to move my boo-tay. In October, Andy and I are going on a vaca together as my reward. I am about to show you my before and after. And you are about to pick your chin up off the floor...........

 Yep!  That's me!  And yes there are Three after pictures cuz I just can't pick my fav.  Yeah Me!


superhey said...

You are amazing, truly awe inspiring and you said it, H.O.T. hot! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I miss you!

Harding Family said...

I like part B a whole lot better! You just keep on celebrating your achievement every day. It and you are fabulous!

M-Cat said...

Part B is the BEST PART!

Serio - you are a hot star! I am so inspired by you and happy for you. I know how hard it is and you DID IT!!!